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About The Artist

Welcome to my studio! I'm Michelle Green, an expressive nature inspired portrait painter. I currently reside in Orlando Florida where I continue to grow my art business. My aim is to explore themes of female empowerment, intuition, and creative expression. 

Art to me is a way of communicating through colors that's inspiring, healing and transformative.

Orlando based expressive portrait artist
Leap Of Faith

"It’s in these tranquil moments of external and internal reflections that we really draw upon our divinity. We are all a part of and connected to this natural power, beauty, and chaos."

What Inspires The Artwork?

Art gives us purpose and allows us to get closer to our divinity connecting with the spirit and of the soul when words are not enough. When I am creating a piece, what excites me the most is that I’m drawing upon these energies that almost seems like a dance on the canvas.


My movements and color placement seem to have a mind of its own which is why I think this process can be so intuitive. My paintings spark a powerful journey into the soul and mind, it's a fabrication of one’s free will. It's all about connection to higher parts of ourselves as well as our connection to spirit.

Orlando based artist Michelle green showing an acrylic painting

Humble Beginnings

Michelle Green is originally from Camden, NJ and moved down to Florida around 10 years old. In high school she was involved in the magnet program where she was part of video yearbook, video editing, photography, drama club, and newspaper. Being accepted at FAU prepared her for a field in visual arts.

After graduation she became a self taught acrylic painter which lead to her opening up her own online art gallery, combining her love of art and marketing.


I started the collection “Beauty in the face of adversity” because I’m so inspired by resilient women. The idea that you can rise up in spite of adversities such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination, is the essence of my work. Since I was born in poverty and seen the discrimination first hand, I can relate with the struggles of other women who are going through it.

Expressive nature painting at Mozzafiato Art

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