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3 Reasons Why Art Is So Important Now More Than Ever

What I like about art is it allows us connect with each other on multiple levels without limitations or judgements. It speaks to our individuality but places no labels on the interaction. When we think of expression and creativity we think of freedom and what makes us unique. This of course is not without it’s pitfalls of separation. Political agendas, ethnicity, geography, or even your station in life have a direct correlation on how people initially perceive you. Here are 3 reasons why art is more important then ever:

1. Art melts away the boundaries that keep us separate but also sheds light on what makes us unique. Not only that but it unites us in a way that transcends pure reason and ego. Art lifts the vail so to speak. It’s a transformative experience.

2. Artists have a natural ability to break rules and in so doing cause change and new ideas to take shape. Intuition is paramount to an established artist. It’s an ability that has been lost in the fast paced life we live in. If we harnessed this innate ability we would realize how precious a commodity it really is.

3. Artists helps us identify with one another and be more tolerant of our differences. In so doing we are helping to make the world a better place.

Artists get a bad rap of being considered lazy, damaged, or transient. This is a misconception because artists actually have a big role in the world. They help people get to know their own minds and connect to each other emotionally. Even when a person sees the world in different ways the artist enables them to open up a conversation that was out of the question to talk about in a normal setting. So go out and make some art!

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