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5 Daily tasks to help grow your art business

Niche Down

Find an art style or subject you are excited and confident about and create a brand around it. It keeps the business more professional and cohesive. Are you expressive or realistic painter? Do you want vivid or muted colors? Do you want to paint portraits or landscapes?

For example my niche is vibrant and expressive female portraits

Create A Professional Website

There are many affordable platforms such as Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace. Find a site that you are comfortable with. Treat it as your portfolio. Your website allows customers to navigate products and tells them about you.

Identify Your Target Audience

Creating a marketing plan around your target audience helps you make a sale. The more specific you can be the better. For example if you are a fine artist then you need to find people who collect fine art. More specifically if you specialize in portraits then you need to find people who like portrait paintings.

Start An Email List

This is crucial if you want to keep people up to date on what's happening with your art. MailChimp is a free platform to start a professional email campaign. You can offer an exclusive sneak peak or freebie as an incentive. Just have them fill out their info on your website.

Promote Your Work On Social Media

It's a free way to expand your reach and allows potential customers to interact in a more personal way. Think of it as your social reputation. One new post everyday is a good place to start.

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