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An Artist's Guide To Being Authentic

Being authentic means you act in that show your true self and the way you are feeling. Instead of showing people a selected aspect of yourself, you show your whole self. In other words to gain authenticity, you have to understand what your true self actually is. This requires self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-acceptance.

We judge a society by superficiality and a necessity for perfection. We define success by the bucks in our bank and not by how well we live our values on a daily basis. So how are we able to be authentic in spite of the masses that try and convince us to be someone we are not?

We are constantly bombarded with media that tells how to be, what we need, and how "should" live our lives. Hiding or suppressing who you really are disables you and makes you even more lonely, disconnected from others, and depressed. This destroys our goodness and confidence, making it difficult to live in our truth.

There is no shortcut to wholeness because It needs commitment and real inner work. For most people, our Authentic Self is buried deep in our unconscious, where it remains until we find a proper release.

Listen to that little voice inside of you that knows your true values and core beliefs. Be ready to dig deep to discover what really matters to you so that you can break previous patterns. Observe yourself like a fly on the wall to understand what is genuine and what is not.

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