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The Starving Artist Myth

Updated: May 7, 2022

We all have heard the starving artist myth. This myth manifests itself because creatives don’t want to make a profit based on the misconceptions that society has. We are told that if you make a profit you are selling out as a “real“ artist. This is false. Jim Henson and Steve Jobs taught us that you can be creative in business and also be rewarded for it.

When we hold in our minds the ideal of what an artist should look or act like we put them in boxes and do a disservice to the magic of our creativity!
The best work does not come as a result of giving the market exactly what it wants but sometimes going beyond the expectations in exchange for something better. This was the magic and intuitive nature of Apple. It’s also what made Disney so great and the secret magic of the muppets.
These days you don’t have to starve to be a successful artist, you just also need to have a good marketing plan. Social media is a great tool to get your work in front of more eyes. It really comes down to your level of dedication to your work. Always strive for lifelong learning in your field. Artists are artists because of their vision and open- mindedness. Seek to find balance in your creative life as well as your business plans. don’t let you efforts turn stale or rigid.

In the words of Albert Einstein,
“Creativity is just intelligence having fun”

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