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Her story:

She sits on the edge of a concrete deck, the sunset at her back and small rolling waves below her feet. The repetitive sounds carries her mind through a tranquil dance. This is the place where she shared her dreams with those hearts that were willing to feel her tides. She remembered how beautiful it was, shared visions of dreams unfulfilled. But they escaped her and they fell through the fingers of lost souls who abandoned a once hopeful heart. So she often comes here alone hoping to free herself from the clutch of empty words. A dance of holding on and letting go created a solemn tango in her heart. Her ability to fly among the shore to a place that was even better than before, that is what she was admired for. That journey takes flight, the sky's the limit, and blackbirds just want to fly, these small little deaths give visions to those who are ready to say goodbye. This piece represents new opportunities.


Original Hand-painted one of a kind acrylic painting

Size: 20H X 16W X 1 IN. Profile

Canvas cotton stretched

Sealed with varnish and signed in gold leaf paint

Ships in well packaged box and bubble wrap

Comes with certificate of authenticity

"Blackbird" 20x16 Hand Painted Original Acrylic Canvas

  •  *Depending on the taxes in your country you may have an additional fees for shipping during transit. If so, you will receive a letter from customs in your tracking info via email on the extra cost. Mozzafiato Art is not liable for any issues that may occur at customs. Since products are all hand made I can not issue any exchanges or refunds.

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