Her story:


“Eye of the Beholder" (8x8 Acrylic Borchwood Canvas)

She rests her head just for a brief moment. A moment to remember or depending on the day, a moment to forget. The forgetting and remembering creates a space within her that demands time to stop. Stop all the madness and just enjoy the beauty of being. It is in this moment that we are no longer our bodies but soul survivors, limitless and closer to the truth. That's where I am home. 

This piece represents the limitless moment of the mind’s eye. 


Original Hand-painted one of a kind acrylic painting

Size: 8H X 8W X 1IN.

Canvas Birchwood

Sealed with varnish and signed in gold leaf paint

Ships in well packaged box and bubble wrap

Comes with certificate of authenticity

"Eye of the Beholder" Acrylic 8x8 Birchwood Canvas