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Jane Goodall was first introduced to chimpanzees when she was a baby. Her father presented her with a toy chimpanzee when she was one year old. Goodall named it Jubilee and for years the toy remained by her side. Even now, Goodall keeps Jubilee on her dresser.


Goodall observed animals from a young age. Once, she sat for five hours in her family’s chicken coop to watch a hen lay an egg. When she finally came out, Goodall discovered that her family was frantic and had called the police to report her missing.


When Goodall graduated from high school, she couldn’t afford college tuition. Instead, she worked for years as a secretary, a waitress, and a filmmaker’s assistant.


Goodall first traveled to Africa when she was 23 years old to visit a friend in Kenya. There, she met famous anthropologist Dr. Louis S. B. Leakey who hired Goodall as his assistant. He later sent her to Tanzania to observe chimpanzees.


 Shortly after working in Tanzania, Goodall made two revolutionary observations about chimpanzees: 1) that they used tools, a behavior previously attributed only to humans; 2) chimpanzees were not vegetarian. Following these discoveries, National Geographic sponsored Goodall’s work, sending photographer Hugo van Lawick to document Goodall and the chimpanzees. Van Lawick and Goodall married in 1964.


Goodall entered Cambridge University as a Ph.D. candidate in 1962—one of the first Ph.D. students accepted by the university without a college degree. She graduated in 1966 with a Ph.D. in Ethology. Her thesis was titled,  "Behaviour of the Free-Ranging Chimpanzee."


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