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Her Story

She rebuilt her universe from pieces of disregard,

Surrounded and humbled by an unforgiving fate.

Complacency was love's crude mistress,

A temporary vantage point.

She stands there in the middle of it all...collecting the stardust,

Contemplating the essence upon which it began.

Slowly it takes shape, no longer a captive

to someone else's neglect.

She reclaims her power within

to be able to enjoy the beauty without.

This piece symbolizes the strength that it takes to get out of a rut and to know that pain is also a teacher. The difficulty is finding your way out and being a better person for it when you do. Finding beauty and love after all the dust has settled.


Original Hand-painted one of a kind acrylic painting

Size:  18W X 24H X 1 IN. 

Canvas cotton stretched

Sealed with varnish and signed in gold leaf paint

Ships in well packaged box and bubble wrap

Comes with certificate of authenticity

"Raven" 18x24 Hand Painted Original Acrylic Canvas

  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA

    Ground UPS

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