Her Story:

Gatekeeper of love, the herald of true sacrifice, doesn’t wait for reciprocity.

She waits knowing fleeting feelings are often eclipsed by heavier truths, an exhausting fact of the heart.

Those who have paved the way are often clothed in wisdom, enveloped in love’s true form.

The latter become servants to it, stunted in a sea of pride, not knowing the beauty in painful realities.

Love does not exchange, it is just an overcoming, the ability to ascend from suffering into our higher selves.


This piece represents love’s true essence. Not a definition or feeling but an overcoming and ascending to our higher selves, whatever that might be.


Original Hand-painted one of a kind acrylic painting

Size:  12W X 12H 

Canvas Panel

Sealed with varnish and signed in gold leaf paint

Ships in well packaged box and bubble wrap

Comes with certificate of authenticity

"The Gatekeeper" 12x12 Hand Painted Original Acrylic Canvas