Her story:

It's a remarkable thing, this journey for truth, a discovery of the things that truly belonged to her. Never to be revoked by those who's consequence demanded limitations. A visual masterpiece carried beautiful dreams that were not entirely her own. This cosmic pool of wisdom seeks those who can tread the waters, bring forth innovation and renewed ideas. We deny and put limits on impossible potentials hoping to be released from the undertow. She let go of this belief that turbulent currents could destroy the very foundation she built, but isn't it true that a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor? She remembers where she came from and the determination it took to get where she is today. That could never be taken away and the real truth is seen within the heart. And with that she adjusts her sails. This piece represents truth is seen within the heart. 


Original Hand-painted one of a kind acrylic painting

Size: 24H X 20W X 1 IN. Profile

Canvas cotton stretched

Sealed with varnish and signed in gold leaf paint

Ships in well packaged box and bubble wrap

Comes with certificate of authenticity

"Under The Influence" 24x20 Hand Painted Original Acrylic Canvas