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I use art to convey my internal philosophy through expressive color and texture. I think of it almost as an interactive process, with the viewer's emotional state being ignited by the colors and then guided by the texture and patterns. Each one of my pieces has a story, an intention to align with the divinity in all of us. In essence each creation sparks a powerful journey into the soul and mind, a fabrication of one's free will. 


Fascinated by the artistic expression of our internal worlds, Michelle discovers ways of representing the complexity and dynamics of the emotional state through visual representation of fleeting moments and inward journeys. 


 Strong female role models have been an ongoing theme in most of my pieces. I want to create a space that is safe to talk about empowering women despite economic hardships, oppression, and inequality. This is why I created the series "Beauty in the Face of Adversity." I want people to know that it's okay to open up in a deep way about these issues and that it's important to continue to spread awareness. When we find our inner divine feminine and lead others to do the same, we recognize our potential to rise above our struggles.

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Hello I'm Michelle Green!

Artist, educator, and poet


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