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The Benefits Of Owning Original Art

Why do so many people go to such lengths to own original art? There are quite a few reasons why someone would want to purchase original art from an artist directly.

It provides a cohesive subject and style

Each artist brings to the table a certain style and emotion throughout their work that may fit within your home or office. This aesthetic creates a unique look that is sophisticated but bursting with personality. It also creates a unified look without the cookie cutter feel.


A collector who collects works from an artist they love not only reaps the benefit of owning an original work of art that they can truly enjoy, they also may someday see increased value in the work over time as the artist gains popularity. Of course, an artist becoming popular is not something to count on, but for some the fun is in the speculation. Occasionally a choice can result in the pleasant surprise of added value over time


Original art brings happiness to the owner. They say you can’t buy happiness, but there’s a feeling of satisfaction, and a pride of ownership that accompanies owning an original work of art. Owning original art means that there is no one else in the world who has exactly what you have. Your artwork is one-of-a-kind, fits in with your decor, has a higher value, and has the innate quality of an original work of art. Plus, there is excitement in searching for that perfect piece.There is tremendous satisfaction in locating and bringing home the perfect work of art. That’s why so many people find true pleasure in collecting original art.

Tactile and Handmade

As much as art prints are beautiful, they can never match the texture of the original piece. The woven thread of the canvas, the texture of the paper mottled with paint splashes, the thick layers of the paint and individual brush strokes. The original painting has the touchable quality which sets it apart from the art prints or mass produced art.

Original Paintings Inspire

Original artworks have a story behind them. They are the talking point and bring about different perspectives. They are not only beautiful but also empowering and deep. The energy of the painting can uplift your spirit. Why not give yourself a gift of daily inspiration by saving up for a painting which you love that will last you a lifetime!

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