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Finding Solace


In depths where shadows lingered, I roamed,

A weary soul, longing to find solace's home.

Through tangled paths of life's bittersweet quest,

I sought refuge in the chambers of unrest.


Beneath the starlit tapestry of the night,

I gazed upon the heavens' gentle light.

Celestial bodies whispered tales untold,

Guiding me through darkness and bitter cold.


But true solace, I found within myself,

A sanctuary hidden on life's vast shelf.

In introspection's gaze, a sacred space,

Embraced the beauty of my own grace.

This gorgeous original is a one of a kind collectable. "Finding Solace" is an acrylic painting on 12x12 canvas and is signed and stamped by emerging artist Michelle Green, owner of Mozzafiato Art. 100% Secured Purchases guaranteed.


This piece is hand painted with Highest Quality Acrylic Golden and Liquitex Paints. Back-stapled with a wood framed back and ready to hang on your wall. All originals are sealed with varnish to protect the life of the painting. Ships in packaged box bubble wrap and comes with a certificate of authenticity, Handwritten letter from artist, and free stickers. We also offer fast shipping via UPS. Women Owned Business. Made in the USA.

"Finding Solace" Original 12x12 Painting On Canvas

  • All Domestic USA orders $150 and up get free shipping!

    All International orders $400 and up get free shipping!

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