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5 Things Art Can Do To Heal Anxiety and Depression

We live in a world where everything seems to be moving at a much faster pace. Technology is always changing and improving and those who can’t keep up seem to get left behind. It’s no wonder why our anxieties are getting the best of us. Many people have opened up about their depression and anxiety with the help of social media. It has certainly become more mainstream. Living with any illnesses can be debilitating, a constant battle to find peace. This is where art has a big impact on those that seem to have lost their voice. Here are 5 things that suggest that art has the capability to heal.

1. Art is a radical way to escape societal energies designed to suppress creative impulses.

Being caught up in deadlines and rules can seem to put people in a box. Time management is great and so is being organized but we forget that thinking outside the box leads to new ideas, inspiration, and staying motivated. When we are in a creative headspace the world seems to open up new possibilities.

2. Gives a voice to those who were silenced

Communication can be complicated especially to those that can’t normally express themselves through speech. Not everyone has a gift of gab. Yes words have power but words without emotion can come off a little uninspiring. A single piece of art can speak volumes as well as communicating the emotion.

3. Calms potential destructive energy and opens up creativity and focus

Destruction breeds creation but too much destructive energy can get us out of balance. Being unbalanced causes us disharmony within ourselves and others. Excess energy needs a place to go. Focusing on a piece of art helps stabilize and make sense of that disharmony.

4. Liberates deeper parts of the self that is buried within the subconscious

Like dreams, there are parts of our mind that stay active that we are not aware of. We ask ourselves, why am I manifesting certain people or situations that are not conducive to success? The creative part of our brain is more flexible, it finds better solutions to frustrating patterns. This makes it easy to find a-ha moments in the art we create. Replace that negative memory with a positive one or at least shed some light on what is holding you back. This takes time and that is okay, trust the process.

5. Gives meaning and hope for those who connect with your message

It’s rewarding when someone connects to a piece of art that you created. These connections elevate and improve what is meaningful to us. There is a deep need to validate our feelings so we can get past issues that stunt our growth. It is necessary to heal our inner world so we can help other people as well.

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